California Deliveries

We now deliver throughout California, we are currently testing our delivery service in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, and Idaho. Please contact us if you are interested in being part of this pilot.

California will receive the food on Tuesday, usually mornings with very few exceptions. For these cities, the food will be sent fresh, in a compostable food-safe cooler, along with enough refrigerant to keep the food cold and fresh for 30 hours.

San Francisco & San Mateo County Deliveries

If you live in a building and don’t have a doorman, or you cannot guarantee to have someone receive the food, you will need to also get an insulated box for the delivery. Please make sure that there will be someone ready to receive your food on Monday. The time of delivery will vary because of traffic and delivery locations. But you will receive confirmation of when your food will be delivered before the delivery is set up. Most of the time, your delivery is set up to be before 10 AM.

Bay Area Deliveries

Local Deliveries with our drivers on Sunday Night and Monday Morning between 6:30 AM and 11 AM in the following counties:
Contra Costa County, Alameda County, Santa Clara County with the exception of the cities below.
The following cities will receive the food delivered through our currier service on Tuesday, usually morning.
Brentwood, Clayton, Pittsburg, San Martin, Gilroy

Home & Business Deliveries

Please pick Home and Office delivery if you want your food delivered directly to you. The service is a flat $14, if you have 3 or more people ordering from the location please let us know so we can wave the shipping costs. Please SPECIFY on the notes your delivery instructions along with a Cell Phone Number so the driver can text you. Most of the time the deliveries will be done before 9 AM, if you are not going to be at your location before 9 AM please give us an alternate location so the driver has the correct instructions. If you have any questions please Email us:

Pickup Locations

We are always adding Pickup Locations to our list of service areas, our pickup locations include mainly businesses and gyms. Look through the list to see if your gym is part of that list if not, don’t hesitate to contact us to get more info on how to include your organization as a pickup location. Here is the list

  • Our Kitchen in Lafayette
  • RossMoore
  • Diablo CrossFit
  • CrossFit San Ramon
  • CrossFit CSA
  • CrossFit MYO
  • CrossFit Diligence
  • CrossFit Jigsaw
  • Brick Pleasanton
  • CrossFit Pleasanton
  • CrossFit San Leandro
  • CrossFit of Fremont
  • CrossFit Hale
  • CrossFit EndZone
  • Schubox Athletics
  • CrossFit X-Treme
  • Fremont PD (Private)
  • Diablo Barbell (Private)
  • Functional Lifestyles

Corporate Dropoffs

Corporate deliveries are meant for businesses that are ordering large amounts that don’t necessarily need to be dropped off on Mondays. Also, a big part of this feature is our ability to be able to help businesses host luncheons or meetings. We will bring the food to your meeting on the day of the meeting, or we can drop off the food for your meeting during our drop off day on Monday mornings. Please contact us for more detailed info since these are always very specific requests.