Our Story

Realizing that bad dieting habits were getting on the way of his training, Cam (owner) looked for ways to eat cleaner and better. His projects and health were suffering, all because he was having a hard time understanding diets and what is right and what is bad and when and how, and these questions were consuming an already full schedule. That’s when Cam found Out of the Cave, a fantastic Paleoish food truck run by Chef Tom, whom had an excellent solution for Cam’s lack of time to be able to research how to eat healthier. At the time, Out of the Cave was making some meals on the side for a few clients on a weekly basis. Shortly after, Cam partnered up and made the meals available online, amongst other things. Then in February 2019, Cam took over the business where he started to build a more robust online prescience as well as dedicating himself to be there for the clients like himself, looking to have more support during our daily lives through cooking healthy yummy food. Re-doing the menu to over 130 items, having Paleo as a base (no preservatives, no artificial flavors, lots of organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, etc…) Building a menu that offers Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Vegetarian, Vegan, and flavors from different sides of the world. Lots of handmade ingredients on our beautiful and impeccable kitchen, that is the primary goal. But the main mission for Cam and now his much larger team is to make food that is very good, food that will make him proud to serve to his children and with sustainability and lots of social responsibility. As Cam says, “ I am doing the food I like, running a business to help my team grow. If it makes money great, if I go broke, I ran it right, no regrets” Now we are looking to expand the business and keep supporting as many people/families with their nutrition while we do the research, the shopping and the cooking.

Our Team

Johan Camilo Murillo “Cam”