Out of the Cave Kitchen 2

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Healthy is your food?2020-03-19T00:28:55-07:00

All of our food is sourced and chosen with the main criteria to be Paleo, but since our main goal is to be able to bring food to everyone and not just Paleo lovers, we are mainly focusing on using the Paleo lifestyle as a base when we are sourcing materials. What does all that mean? That means that we will always look to bring Organic, Non- GMO, Non antibiotic, Grass Fed, Local, Sustainable, in season, biodegradable or compostable, reusable or recyclable. Basically we try to do our best to be the best stewards to our planet as possible and we also want to make it easier for you to pick us as a trusted brand that cares about the world and will chose to do the right thing always.

Do you use Sugar or Butter in your meals?2020-03-19T00:29:48-07:00

No we do not, we use mostly dates and premium natural raw honey to sweeten our meals.

Do you use Soy?2020-03-19T00:31:37-07:00

No, we mainly use coconut aminos to replace soy, and of course coconut amminos way tastier!

Do you use flour?2020-03-19T00:32:35-07:00

No, we use arrow root and almond flour and we will let you know on the food page itself

Do you use any dairy on your food?2020-03-19T00:35:50-07:00

We don’t use any dairy, we replace it with coconut milk, coconut creme, almond milk, in general we will tell you when we do. We do use Parmesan Cheese in our fingerling potatoes and a mix of cheddar cheese on our fiesta bowls.

How long does your food last?2020-03-19T00:37:05-07:00

We recommend that you eat the food within 4 to 5 days from the day they are cooked. The food label will tell you when to freeze your food by. We also recommend you eat fish and eggs first if your meals have eggs.

Can you freeze the meals?2020-03-19T00:37:58-07:00

Yes, the trays will be just fine, the food will vary depending on your freezer, but in most freezers the food will be fresh still if you cook it within a month of putting it on your freezer. 

Do you use artificial flavors or preservatives?2020-03-19T00:38:50-07:00

Absolutely not. Even our salt is Himalayan natural salt, and with that said, make sure our food is always refrigerated since we don’t use any preservatives.

Is it true that you only use Compostable Containers?2020-03-19T00:40:39-07:00

Aboslutely true, we try to do what we can to help our customers to have a zero waste product! Our containers are compostable, they are made of sugar cane bi-product and they are also of the outmost spectacular quality. Let me explain what I mean by spectacular, when you reheat the food in one of our containers, you will never get that plastic taste you get from eating out of a plastic container, quite simple I guess. But mainly using a vegetable base container allows for the food being reheated to behave very differently from what you get with most other containers. These containers are so well made that you can even put them in the oven for 7 minutes at 350 and they will be OK. (Just monitor it of course to be safe, but you should be just fine 🙂 . 

How do you warm up the food?2020-03-19T00:41:39-07:00

Best way from fresh (not frozen): The absolute best way to warm up most foods (from fresh, not frozen) would be to put your tray in your toaster over and press toast. Then transfer it to your microwave on low to medium power and cook your meal for about 1:00 to 1:30 minutes. This technique will crisp the food a little and cook the inside.  

From frozen: for most foods put the tray in the microwave for 3 minutes with a paper towel on top (DO NOT MICROWAVE THE LID), mix the contents and finish it up for another two minutes. 

Placing an Order2020-03-19T00:43:27-07:00

When can I order the meals? You may order your food anytime, any day. Food must be ordered by Friday for Monday delivery.

Do I need a Subscription?2020-03-19T00:44:33-07:00


Are Subscriptions Available?2020-03-19T00:45:42-07:00

You may request to have a subscription, strictly for your convenience. This means that you may start, pause or terminate it at anytime, well, anytime before a Friday 11PM is in, the supplies will have been ordered and chefs are have an allocated time to prepare your food so your order will be cooked. You can request to have your food be frozen as an emergency for $10 a week, so your food will be delivered the following week.

Can I Change or Cancel my Subscription?2020-03-19T00:46:32-07:00

Yes! Anytime before Friday, you should let us know with time. You can add, subtract, or change any of your items if there are any customizations available to your items.