We are always customizing our bundles, making them specifically for some of our friends, this one we are going to call it the Chris Special, for no special reason ūüôā
You have eaten our food and know the quality and best of all, you want to just have our chefs come up with your menu. If you have any requests, please write them down on the notes section during checkout or chat with one of our customer assistants below on our chat.

This 25 item bundle will come with:

-10 Regular Keto Meals (6 different Chickens, Turkey, and some specials) Each meal comes with compound butter made with Kerrygold Pastured Raised Butter, look at the video below about the premium butter we use.
-5 Premium Keto Meals (Salmon, Tri-Tip, Shrimp and some fishes and some specials )
-3 Regular Meals
-2 Premium Meals
-5 Breakfast Burritos with meat

(Typically our premium meals are on our smoked tri-tip, Kurobuta pork, Organic Salmon, Organic Mahi Mahi etc…)

Video about our butter: