Eggs Almond Flour Pine Nuts
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Muffin Mix Pack

Muffins come from a local company called Muffin Revolution:

Not sure what flavor you want to commit to buying? Order our variety pack of 5 muffins so you can sample all of them! Your variety pack will come with the following quantities/flavors:

(1) Banana Bam Bam (our best-seller): Banana, blueberry, coconut  NO LONGER AVAILABLE

(1) Yam Good: Yam, apple, pecan

(1) 24 Carrot Gold (vegan): Carrot, raisin, flax

(1) Cha Cha Cha: Chocolate, cherry, chia

(1) La La Lemon: Lemon, zucchini, chia

ALLERGENS: Please refer to each of the muffin’s description to get more detailed allergen information.


This is the whole pack of muffins, you can taste them all and the easiest way to pick your favorites.

In this pack you get 5 muffins:

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Eggs Almond Flour Pine Nuts


  • Muffin Banana (1)
  • raw_chicken (1)
  • Muffin Chocolate (1)
  • Muffin Lemon (1)
  • Muffin Yam (1)